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Aviva Pelham - South Africa's very own Divine Diva
In a career spanning almost 40 years, Aviva has enchanted her audiences, brightened stages and spread the love of song in South Africa and abroad. She remains a highly sought after singer, director, motivational speaker and lecturer. Aviva continues to communicate and cross boundaries sharing her own particular brand of dynamic entertainment.

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Aviva has performed in an unusually wide range of styles including  opera, operetta, musicals, concert and cabaret.






The past fifty years in South Africa have been tumultuous and it was during this time that theatre reached a pinnacle of creativity and originality. Those who participated and survived at all costs had to be resilient and inventive. It is hoped that students and scholars can use this website to learn more about their craft, what it takes to be an impresario, theatre manager, director, a producer, playwright, actor or technician. The criteria chosen is that each person must be over 60 years old and has given a lifetime to the theatre, in other words they have single mindedly followed their passion, and thereby moulded and given shape to South African theatre and by so doing enriched our society as a whole.  The interviews are not censored; they have not been edited down. They are spoken from the heart. The ingredient common to them all is Passion.