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ABSA Jewish Achiever Awards 2020

“I am honoured to be nominated for an ABSA Jewish Achievers Award for 2020. After so many years on stage (and off) it feels wonderful to be acknowledged for the work that I’ve done. Please, if you have a moment, would you follow the link below to vote for me? Every vote counts and I so appreciate your support.” Aviva

Jewish Achiever Awards



Aviva Pelham - South Africa's very own Divine Diva
In a career spanning over 45 years, Aviva has enchanted her audiences, brightened stages and spread the love of song in South Africa and abroad. She remains a highly sought after singer, director, motivational speaker and lecturer. Aviva continues to communicate and cross boundaries sharing her own particular brand of dynamic entertainment.



September 2020 

“What an exceptional end to the first season of Coffee and Connect with Dr D. Take a look at my interview with Aviva Pelham – I just loved our conversation” Dorianne Weil

Aviva is a beloved and renowned opera singer, having played some of the most revered operatic roles. She has successfully crossed the musical divide, embraced a vast range of musical styles and has performed all over the world. She has a passion for outreach upliftment projects and mentors fresh talent from all walks of life. She believes in the healing power of music and holds workshops in the townships. Dr Dorianne Weil chats to this true South African legend and discovers what continues to drive this extraordinary, passionate, gracious and humble lady.

Coffee and Connect


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Coffee and Connect



Aviva has performed in an unusually wide range of styles including  opera, operetta, musicals, concert and cabaret.